vitamin placenta for Dummies

A product that prevents depressing, helps support pain relief, and has anti-aging effects sound too good to be true? Maybe it is just an overlooked organ history has used for decades and recently forgotten by the masses as only accessible to the few and wealthy, has now been brought to the public for the very first time.
Introducing Vicenta, a company that derives it’s name from what it’s calling it’s product: Vitamin Placenta. Although, this isn’t just your run of the mill placenta stuffed in a capsule. Vicenta has formulated a special blend of placental extract which is carefully selected and processed to produce a supplement unlike anything seen in the US before.
The company bases all of it’s work on science, backed by peer-reviewed studies of placentophagia, the act of placental consumption. And it’s not as rare as you think. Thousands of women have now had the option to preserve their placenta and create custom capsules which can then be taken after child-birth for many different medical reasons. And the results have been nothing but extraordinary, as evidenced by many testimonials from your everyday mom to celebrities like January Jones and Kim Kardashian.
In fact, they have reported such positive effects such as reduction of post-partum depression, increase in energy, boosting of mood, and even whitening or clearing of the skin. And while these results are just based on anecdotal evidence, there has been real science behind the practice of placental consumption for more than just mothers after child-birth.
Now there are services that offer placental encapsulation after child-birth, but these services are costly and result in a finite amount of capsules. Plus they are limited to child-bearing women, making the availability of placental-based supplements scarce and expensive.
This is where Vicenta comes in. The company has generated a placental based supplement for everyone to take, men and women, and has been tested to be safe for human consumption and processed in a GMP facility with industry standards for quality control. The actual placenta does not come from humans either, since that would carry with it risks of disease and controversies like cannibalism. Instead, Vicenta gets it’s placenta from pigs, which carry some of the same genetic material as humans, making it a viable alternative. We already consume so many different pig products, so why would pig placenta be any different?
Vicenta extracts the benefits of the placenta into a specialized supplement which is sold as Vitamin Placenta on it’s website,, and hopes to bring the many benefits of placental consumption to the masses. Although the company makes no direct medical claims to treat, diagnose, or alleviate any medical condition, it does offer some of the hope that through this supplement buy placenta the benefits other women have after placental consumption can be brought to men and women anywhere, and at any time!
The supplement is sold in a bottle containing 60 capsules, which equate to a one month supply. This offers great options to many people who could benefit from the many nutritious contents in placental tissue, however had either none or limited availability of this supposed super-food. This is marketed as a premium product and has been made using the latest and greatest technological advancements in medical science. Vicenta will be among the first and only companies in the US selling an over-the-counter pig placenta-based supplement.
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Placenta has been sold in China and Japan for over 50 years, and is only now expanding into the US.

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